2020 Financials


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Even when

Even when the world as we knew it changed in 2020, God made a way for Proverbs 31 Ministries to continue to impact women and families with trusted, biblical Truth. As an online ministry, we were positioned to meet the spiritual needs of millions around the globe as they navigated this new reality.


Review the year of 2020 with us and watch God’s faithfulness unfold.

Through it all, God is with us.

Do you ever wish God would fill you in on all the details of His plan? Watch this short video with Lysa TerKeurst for a testimony of God working in 2020, even when we could not see what He was doing.



Spanish devotions released in January, making Truth globally available to more women in their native language.


“Gracias por enviarme día a día las reflexiones diarias que tanto bien me han hecho, no solo a mí, sino a las mujeres en mi iglesia … son una gran bendición. Ánimos y muchas fuerzas de parte de Dios para este año. Me llamo Eunice, y soy pastora en Cuenca, España.”


“Thank you for sending the daily reflections that have been so good, not only for me but also for the women at my church … they are a great blessing. May God encourage and strengthen you this year. My name is Eunice Perdomo and I am a pastor in Cuenca, Spain.”





We saw 5,287,155 downloads

of our podcast make a way for many to hear timely teachings that pointed to Truth in the middle of a hard year.

Listen to a clip of our most downloaded episode this year, which provided encouragement for facing the difficulties in relationships.



Even when many would question God’s plan, Thy Will Be Done released in March and was sold for a gift of any amount to our ministry. This six-week devotional provided peace and purpose by teaching our donors to trust a God who is always at work, even when we can’t see it.

Donations at a Glance

$3,994,499 total donations received
Came from all 50 states and 46 countries
39,656 donors in 2020

If you were a donor in 2020, thank you for partnering with us to help millions Know and Live the Truth.


COMPEL Training

Even when we were stuck at home in quarantine, God made a way for women like Nora to pursue their calling to ministry through our COMPEL Writers Training.

“For years, I wanted to start my career as a writer but didn’t know where to begin. Now that I am a COMPEL member, I feel like I have been gifted a mentor. COMPEL has provided me guidance, resources, and confidence turning my dream into a reality. For years, I’ve had a book idea/message that I’ve been encouraged by so many to write. My response was always ‘one day…’ Well, because of COMPEL that ‘one day’ became today.” Nora

COMPEL memberships grew by 25% in the month of April with a record-breaking 3,062 women multiplying their ministry.



Last year, 63,176 free digital resourcesabout trusting a good God in difficult circumstances were downloaded from our “Hope in Uncertainty” library.

People turning to Proverbs 31 Ministries for trusted resources from our bookstore increased by 61%.

This healthy business development income enables us to share biblical Truth through our paid resources while allowing every penny from donors to go toward ministry.


Social Media

Our platform of

6,097,400 social media followers

allows us to respond quickly to current events with a Scripture-based perspective.

In June, we equipped those followers with an informative and Jesus-centered Q&A with our board member Pastor Derwin Gray and Lysa TerKeurst. Thousands of people found this extremely helpful and eye-opening as we explored root causes of social injustice.

“I have been going through some tough, painful things lately in my friendships. The other night I was scrolling through your Instagram page, getting encouragement after encouragement for my soul. Thank you for reminding me of all of the truths about who God is and why I can trust Him even when I am hurting.” – NINA


She Speaks Online

By pivoting to an online, streamed event, we had three times more attendees than last year. This means we were able to help women reach their spheres of influence in all 50 states and in 11 countries. It was incredible to see the global impact of this event.

Throughout the weekend, our attendees made 11,086 comments on our live-stream platform keeping them digitally engaged, encouraged and connected to other writers and speakers around the world.


“She Speaks Online not only gave me practical tools, but it also worked on my heart. It made me consider my ‘why’ — love God and love others. It helped direct my focus to that and not merely that it might be my calling. There was SO much good that I need to re-watch and process every bit some more. God used She Speaks to give me the guidance, the tools, the encouragement and the wisdom I was wanting to gain from it … and then some.” -LAURA


First 5

The First 5 App completed its first round of studying all

66 books of the Bible.

We asked our Director of Theological Research, Joel Muddamalle, why studying the entire Bible matters:

“Studying one book of the Bible is like watching five random minutes of a movie; you will always be confused and disoriented at the end of those minutes. If you had the whole movie, of course you would watch the whole thing. We have access to the whole Bible. Why wouldn’t we want all of it? And that is why at Proverbs 31 Ministries we are so committed to creating resources that span all of Scripture.”


Online Bible Studies

The Answers to Your Deepest Longings: 40 Days Through the Bible combined our First 5 and Online Bible Studies for our first ministry-wide study, with over

118,000 participants.

We were blown away by this response letting us know how desperate people are for Bible teaching they can trust.


I have often struggled with consistency with my quiet time with the Lord, but this was different. I felt like my soul longed for it and wouldn’t allow me to miss or even skip. No excuse was worth it. The format was different; the questions caused me to pause and think, sometimes pray. It was in God’s plan for me to complete this, and it fulfilled a need I have had for a long time.” -Audrey



We finally got a permanent home!

After 28 years of wise financial stewardship and council, our new ministry headquarters opened, allowing staff to work collaboratively and safely socially distanced. Since there’s room to stay, we hope you can come visit soon!


Lysa TerKeurst

President and author Lysa TerKeurst released Forgiving What You Can’t Forget and landed at

#1 on the New York Times list!

This was a huge accomplishment very few authors achieve. This book helps us to “go into all the world” with the good news of God’s forgiveness. Lysa is helping hurting people pursue biblical healing while continuing to increase the influence of the ministry, even with secular readers.

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget helped me see others with compassion — not that they shouldn’t be held accountable or have consequences for what they did. The way Lysa writes is so deep but easy to understand and relate to. I understand forgiveness, how God is in control, how He works and how He will work this out in a completely new way — which has brought me so much peace.” – SARA



Know the Truth.
Live the Truth.
It Changes Everything.

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